Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who sponsors the OC LDS 31+ Singles Conference? Is this an official or unofficial church activity?
A: The 2019 OC LDS 31+ Singles Conference is an official activity for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is sponsored annually by the Irvine California Coordinating Council. The conference is hosted this year by the Santa Margarita Stake and supported by the other stakes in the Irvine California Coordinating Council: Newport Beach, Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, and San Clemente. All Divorces must be final to attend.

Q: Is this the same large 31+ Singles Conference that has been happening for the last 17 years in OC?
A: Yes it is! The Stakes in the Irvine California Coordinating Council rotate hosting the conference each year and this year the conference is hosted by the Santa Margarita, California Stake. The weekend conference activities are located in various areas within Orange County Coordinating Council Stakes boundaries (with the exception of the Mt. Baldy Canyoneering High Adventure activity), but the big Friday & Saturday Night events and Sunday church will take place in Rancho Santa Margarita.  

Q: Where exactly is Rancho Santa Margarita, California?
A: Rancho Santa Margarita is located in Orange County in between Los Angeles and San Diego in sunny Southern California. It is approximately 16 miles south of Irvine (about 20 minutes away). If you attended previous years’ conference events at the Coto Valley Country Club, you have been to beautiful Rancho Santa Margarita.

Q: What’s the age range for the OC LDS 31+ Singles Conference?
A: This OC LDS 31+ Singles conference is for all singles ages 31 on up! There is not age limit and everyone is welcome. This is also a very midsingles (31-45) friendly conference and some older YSA’s (28+) who can blend in are welcome to join us. Please note this is a SINGLES ONLY CONFERENCE. All Divorces must be FINAL & No Children are allowed.

Q: Is this the same as the Huntington Beach Midsingles Conference in May?
A: Here in Orange County, we are blessed to have two singles conferences to attend. The Huntington Beach Ward sponsors the Huntington Beach Midsingles Conference that takes place in May and is strictly for singles ages 27-45.  The Orange County Single Adult Conference is an all-age inclusive conference for any singles age 31 or older and is sponsored by the Irvine California Coordinating Council with Rancho Santa Margarita Stake hosting for 2019. Both conferences complement and support each other.

Q: How many midsingles (31-45) attend this conference?
A: The OC LDS 31+ Conference is a VERY MIDSINGLES FRIENDLY conference with about 40% of the conference attendees being between the ages of 31-45. If you are looking for a specific Midsingles only conference, we highly recommend you check out the HB Midsingles Conference sponsored by the Huntington Beach Midsingles Ward that takes place in May each year.    

Q. What's the purpose of this Singles Conference? Can't I just meet people online instead?  
A: There is a power, support, and strength in numbers when everyone as singles (in this very family oriented church) meet physically in the same place together.  Moroni 6:5 states, "And the church (singles) did meet together oft, to fast and to pray, and to speak one with another concerning the welfare of their souls." The purpose of this Singles Conference is not just to be a "meat market" to only find that one, but also to spiritually and socially recharge, renew, and be uplifted with others who "get it".  For many singles, in order to be spiritually fed, we first need to be socially fed. Many singles come looking to make new connections, new friends (of both genders), and would benefit seeing your example, your strength, your testimony.

Q: How many people are expected to attend?
A: We anticipate 450+ singles from all over U.S. and internationally at the 2019 OC LDS 31+ Singles Conference.   A lot of smaller group activities this year do have a limited capacity, so it’s best to register much sooner than later to secure your spot.

Q: This conference sounds incredible! How can I let other Single members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints inside and outside of the US know about it?
A: We highly encourage you to personally invite your single friends to the conference on the Facebook Event Page. We also recommend sharing the Facebook Event Page or Conference Website in your LDS Singles Groups pages on Facebook or via email. The more the word is spread about the 2019 OC LDS 31+ Singles Conference, the more people attend the conference and the greater the opportunities for you to meet more people to connect with!

Singles who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are also invited and welcome to attend.

Q: This OC LDS 31+ Singles Conference sounds fabulous, and I really want to go! I don’t know anyone, and I’m a little nervous about going alone, any suggestions?
A: First of all, you are not alone in feeling this. Many are attending an event like this for the first time. Don’t worry! There are several smaller activities planned throughout the weekend, where you have ample opportunity to meet people in smaller group settings. Personally, each year I (your 2019 Conference Chair, Carrie) have met people in the registration line who were at the conference solo and we became friends/wingmen(women) at the conference. By the end of the conference we had each met dozens of other people and introduced them to each other. Don’t be afraid to say hi or strike up a conversation with someone, even if they are way older or younger than you, or the opposite gender. Coming solo to the conference is NOT a bad thing!

You can also coordinate rides, rooms, introduce yourself and make friends beforehand by joining the Facebook Page

Q: This OC LDS 31+ Singles Conference sounds  great, but “I don’t do well” in large groups. How am I able to meet others in smaller group settings?
A: Even though the OC LDS 31+ Singles Conference will be the largest West Coast 31+ Singles Event of the year (and perhaps one of largest 31+ Singles Conferences of the Church), don’t let the size intimidate you. New this year we are doing small group rotation breakout sessions on Saturday, led directly by Singles, in addition to having lots of smaller group activities and meet-ups planned throughout the conference. This will be a key opportunity for you to engage in a discussion and get to know people at the conference.  

Also, there are some who feel more comfortable if they are able to help out in some way "behind the scenes" at the conference, as a way to socialize in a small group settings. After you register, if you would like to help in some way, let us know via email and we can put you to work.  

Q: I don’t live in California, so why would I go to the OC LDS 31+ Singles Conference? Doesn’t everyone who attends live in California? How can I meet someone closer to where I live?
A: Only half of the attendees of the OC LDS 31+ Singles Conference actually live in Southern California. The other 50% come from all over the US & other countries. Unlike local or regional events, the conference draws HUNDREDS of singles from all over, especially those who may not normally attend local singles events in their area. This means out of everyone attending, you have a good chance of meeting people closer to you at the conference than perhaps your regional events back home, so it’s worth it for you and your friends to attend.

Q: When and where is Check-In and Registration?
A: Official "Check-In" and Registration begins on Friday Night, August 2, at the Coto Valley Country Club starting at 6:00 PM. You will receive a wristband, name tag and lanyard. Please note that you will need to wear your wristband for the entire conference weekend (we will cut it off for you on Sunday evening & collect it as your dinner ticket)

Q: What activities are included as part of your paid registration at the conference? And what activities are extra?
A: Here’s a breakdown below.

Things Covered on the “All-Weekend” Ticket

  • Thursday Templeside & Dessert  

  • Friday Mt. Baldy Canyoneering Adventure (limited space)

  • Friday Beach Party at Heisler Park in Laguna

  • Friday Private Party @ Coto Valley Country Club

  • Friday Catered Dinner

  • Friday Singled Out, Pub Style Trivia

  • Friday Minute to Win-It! S’more Making Team Competitions

  • Friday Dance with DJ Arrow spinning your favorite tunes

  • Friday Professional Comedy Sports Shows

  • Friday Dessert Bar & S’mores

  • Friday Photo Booth

  • Friday Ping Pong

  • Friday Foosball

  • Friday Game Room

  • Friday Karaoke

  • Friday Speed Mingling

  • Saturday Continental Breakfast

  • Saturday Morningside Scripture Study with Dan Fuller

  • Saturday Keynote Speaker

  • Saturday Small Group Rotations

  • Saturday Catered Lunch

  • Saturday “You Pick” Workshop Speakers

  • Saturday Dance Lesson

  • Saturday Escape Room & Smoothie Making Class

  • Saturday Private Party at The Bell Tower & Outdoor Pavilion

  • Saturday Catered Dinner - Taco Bar

  • Saturday Mocktail Italian Soda Bar

  • Saturday Private Concert with Knyght Ryder

  • Saturday Mexican Popsicle Cart

  • Saturday Photo Op

  • Saturday Game Room

  • Saturday Mingle & Chill Lounge

  • Saturday Speed Mingling

  • Saturday Dessert Lounge

  • Sunday Catered Dinner

  • Sunday Musical Fireside

  • Sunday Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

Things Considered "Extra" at the Conference

  • Thursday Night Dinner Groups

  • Friday Parking Fees in Laguna Beach

  • Friday $5 gas carpool money for Mt. Baldy

  • Saturday Paint Lesson @ Irvine Stake Center - $10*

  • Saturday Bowling @ Irvine Lanes $10*

  • Saturday Kayaking @ Newport Back Bay $15*

  • Saturday Stand Up Paddle Boarding @ Newport Back Bay $20*

  • Saturday Cooking Class $10* @ off site location TBD  

  • Saturday Golf Par 3 Course $18* @ Lake Forest Golf Center

  • Saturday Foot Golf $12* @ Lake Forest Golf Center

  • Saturday Frisbee Golf $12* @ Lake Forest Golf Center

  • Lodging and Travel

Q: Is a la carte registration available?
A: A la carte registration is available at the door, cash only. However, the BEST conference deal is the early bird registration ticket for only $68. Even if you can only attend part of the conference, this will be the least expensive option. If for some reason, you can’t make the conference, you can always sell your early bird registration ticket.

Everyone is welcome to attend Templeside on Thursday, Beach Party Friday, Sunday Sacrament Meeting and Fireside (minus dinner) for free. All other events need a ticket.

Q: What’s the dress code?
A: Suggested Dress Code by Day

Thursday, August 1

  • Dinner Group: Sunday attire or nice casual

  • Newport Beach Temple Session: Sunday attire

  • Templeside: Sunday attire or nice casual

Friday, August 2

  • Beach Party & BBQ - Summer/Beach Attire (modest is hottest!)

  • Canyoneering Adventure - Sturdy closed-toe hiking shoes, comfortable loose fitting clothes/shorts/exercise clothes that can get dirty

  • Friday Night Got Game? Event: Nice Casual

  • Men: nice jeans, nice shirt, casual shoes (leave the flip flops for the beach)

  • Women: nice jeans/pants, nice top, summer dress, casual shoes/sandals

Saturday, August 3

  • Breakfast: casual

  • Workshops: casual

  • Lunch: casual

  • Most small group activities: casual

  • Small group activities @ Newport Beach Aquatic Center: beach attire (modest is hottest)

  • Bowling activity: casual bring socks

  • Golfing Activities: casual, may want hat, sunglasses & sunscreen

  • Saturday Night California Dreamin’ Summer Singles Party: Nice Casual

  • Men: nice jeans, nice shirt, casual shoes (leave the flip flops for the beach)

  • Women: nice jeans/pants, nice top, summer dress, casual shoes

Sunday, August 4

  • Sacrament Meeting: Sunday church attire

  • Lunch: Sunday church attire

  • Fireside: Sunday church attire

Q: I’m traveling from outside of the area and not familiar with Rancho Santa Margarita and Orange County. How should I get around to the different events?
A: Since the events are held throughout Orange County (Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach), it’s best to carpool with others going to the various events or share renting a car. Or you may choose to share an Uber or Lyft to get around. Using public transportation (bus or train) is not recommended in our area.

Q: How do I coordinate with others in sharing rides or rooms?
A: The easiest way to coordinate with others to share rides or rooms on the Facebook Page

Q: Can I stay at members’ houses?
A: Due to the size of the conference, we can't accommodate everyone in members' house during the OC LDS 31+ Singles Conference, but a few members are offering their homes.  With the cost of real estate much higher in Orange County than in other areas in the country, most locals actually live in condos, apartments, or smaller homes and can’t accommodate large groups where they live. We encourage you to use the hotel page on the conference website, and you can coordinate with others to share rooms on the Facebook Event Page

Q: What’s the refund policy?
A:  There are NO REFUNDS being offered. But, you can always sell or transfer your spot if need be, to someone else, typically via Venmo or Paypal. If you need to sell your spot, you can post on the Facebook Event Page Once you sell your spot, just notify us their name, address via email at before the conference, so we can update the registration list.

Q: What is this Speed Mingling thing on Friday Night? How it does work? Do I have to speed mingle?
A:  Speed Mingling is just a low-key, no-stress way to meet new people and have face-time with singles you may not get a chance to with on the dance floor or with the big crowd.  Think of speed mingling as a simple ice breaker activity. Speed mingling is a completely optional activity. Only those interested in speed mingling will be speed mingling. It’s just a fun and easy way to meet people on a different level than you would at other activities.

We will be doing Individual Rounds (1 guy and 1 gal) with 2-3 minute rounds where you will get to chat with 12-15 people (not the entire room) so only 30 minutes total per round, where the women once seated, stay put, and then the men rotate every 2-3 minutes. Speed mingling will have 3 rounds: Age 45+, Age 31-45 Midsingles, and an all ages 31+.

There will be ample space between couples, so that it’s not “Scream Dating”,  as well as a list of fun get-to-know-you questions, if you need a little help in the conversation. Remember to keep the topics fun and light. Please do NOT ask uncomfortable questions that’s put people on the hot seat such as “What’s your story?” or “How long have you been single?” or “Why are you still single?” Discussing serious or heavy topics can be saved for later after the speed mingling round.  This is not an interview or an interrogation.

Speed Mingling Space is limited to 30 couples per round and you can sign up at the event at the Registration Table (first come, first served).

After each of the Speed Mingling sessions, the entire group will be escorted to the Reception Area where everyone can meet and mingle with those you didn’t get a chance to speed mingle with, and that’s a great opportunity to exchange any contact info at that time.

Q: Why do I need to register now instead of just showing up at the door?
A: A lot of time and planning goes into creating the conference. The sooner everyone registers, the more bells and whistles we can provide at the conference. If everyone shows up last minute, it makes budgeting and food difficult to plan and coordinate. So it's best to register way in advance, than just showing up at the door.